IRJBP invites qualified peer reviewers for its hosted journals. The journals seek to publish credible and original articles in their respective fields through a double-blind peer review mechanism. IRJBP recognizes that the reputation of a journal lies on the credibility of its peer review mechanism and the editorial decision arising from it. To this end, it is committed to identify and engage critical and objective peer reviewers amongst university lecturers, scholars and industry practitioners. The ultimate aim is to create a diversified portfolio of peer reviewers sourced across diverse universities, institutions and distributed geographical areas. This is with a view of tapping into the diversity of opinions, experiences and expertise in the peer review mechanism.

 As a recognized expert in your field, we take this earliest opportunity to request your membership into our peer review data bank. There are numerous advantages of working as a peer reviewer including establishing your expertise in your chosen field; increasing your academic reputation; staying up-to-date with the latest literature and research interests in your field, and opportunities to get published at subsidized rates.

1.0 Qualifications

    • The potential reviewer must be a holder of an earned PhD degree in the subject content of the journal;
    • Academic appointment as a Senior Lecturer in a university is desirable;
    • The potential reviewer will be required to show evidence of having published articles in peer reviewed journals;
    • Fresh PhD graduates may be considered subject to the discretion of the Editor-in-Chief and subject to them showing evidence of having published at least Eight (8) articles in refereed journals.

2.0 Requirements

  • A single colour passport photo size in formal attire or academic gowns.
  • Published journal articles in soft copy and or links to the published journal articles.
  • Email addresses and mobile phone contacts.
  • Availability to review journal manuscripts in their area of specialization when requested to do so.

3.0 Remunerations & Benefits

  • One physical journal book per issue will be availed to reviewers who participated;
  • One free journal article publication for the reviewers per quarter;
  • A consideration of USD 20 for every journal article reviewed.

 4.0 Agreement

  • The acceptance of the following terms and conditions confirms your acceptance to be engaged as a peer reviewer in the IRJBP journals:
  • Your appointment shall be made through a formal letter for every article to be reviewed;
  • You are expected to provide timely feedback on the reviewed article(s) in the prescribed manner; and
  • You agree to display your Name, School/Faculty, Institution and Country on the IRJBP website and the journal cover.
  • If you are interested in being a reviewer for IRJBP journals, please join us via the online system provided on the login options or simply write to the editor through